Saudi Arabia pushing Israel into war with Hezbollah and Iran

Posted November 11, 2017

The UN chief's spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, said in a statement that the UN chief hopes that such broad support for state institutions would adhere to the constitution, and aim to safeguard the country's security and stability.

But the cash price of Lebanon's US dollar-denominated bonds fell, with longer-dated maturities suffering hefty losses as investors took a dim view of the medium-to longer-term outlook for Lebanon.

The election of Aoun last year was a telling indicator that the Shiite community controls access to political power in Lebanon, which Hazran called "the Shia republic".

Saudi King Salman met former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television reported on Monday, without providing details.

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Saudi Arabia and its allies have been fighting the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen since 2015. This was Saudi and not Lebanese rhetoric, Nasrallah said. "But if the Saudis fail and Hezbollah strengthens its position and has more room to maneuver, we will lose", said Shavit. Hariri hoped he could represent the interests of the Sunni Muslim community and that his cabinet could restore governance and stability to Lebanon.

"We cannot afford to fight the Iranians from Lebanon", he told Reuters, advocating an approach of compromise with Hezbollah in Lebanon while waiting for regional circumstances to allow Saudi-Iranian dialogue.

Moreover, the UN has a longtime peacekeeping operation in Lebanon, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon "UNIFIL".

All this maneuvering was part of the power struggle occurring within the Saudi royal court, a struggle in which the Lebanese prime minister found himself - against his will, Nasrallah asserted.

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By ordering Hariri to step down, the Saudis may be trying to create chaos in Lebanon in the hopes this will harm Hezbollah, Shavit said.

"With sustained support from Saudi Arabia and the United States, Saad Hariri withstood these pressures for a time", he added.

- Saudi Arabia seems to have acted to wreck Lebanon's government that includes Iran's powerful ally, Hezbollah.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun will not accept Hariri's resignation until he returns to Lebanon to explain his reasons, palace sources said on Sunday, delaying for now the politically difficult consultations over his successor. And if there were any doubts, he made a more direct reference to Iran and its followers, threatening that Lebanon would "cut off the hands that wickedly extend into it". Iran's direct intervention and Russia's air campaign rescued Assad and turned the tide in his favor, recapturing large stretches of territory.

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In the extended UNIFIL mandate, the Security Council renewed the mission with new instructions for more patrols with Lebanese forces and detailed reports when peacekeepers run into roadblocks in Hezbollah's strongholds in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah's first priority is to achieve victory in Syria, to make sure the Ba'ath regime prevails there. When Saudi Arabia sealed Qatar's only land border, it looked toward Iran and Turkey to fill the gap.