Former Trump adviser Roger Stone suspended from Twitter…again

Posted November 02, 2017

According to Politico, Stone had gone after a number of CNN's staff in a series of tweets, seemingly in response to a report that an indictment from Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation was imminent.

In a text, Stone told BuzzFeed News that he was told the suspension was temporary.

Prior to his ban, Stone had tweeted at CNN's Don Lemon, calling him a "lying c**ksucker" and "fake news", urging him to "stop lying about the Clintons and uranium".

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"I have retained one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country and will be bringing a legal action against Twitter over the suspension of my account", he told TheWrap. This led Stone to lose his mind on Twitter.

Sunday morning, Stone told Politico that his suspension was "part and parcel of the systematic effort by the tech left to censor and silence conservative voices", and that he had chose to pursue legal action against Twitter after consulting legal counsel. When it comes to removing tweets, the company added that one of the considerations is whether a tweet is of public interest or not.

Stone has no government job and doesn't work for the President in any official capacity. Manafort and Stone were partners for years in a powerful conservative lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., and Manafort lists his permanent residence as a $1.5 million home in Palm Beach Gardens.

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The feds haven't released the charges against Manafort, who ran Trump's campaign as he rose from outsider to frontrunner in the GOP primary, though he's expected to face tax fraud charges.

In the recent Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, the longtime political operative and influential Trump adviser looks right at the camera and says: "My name is Roger Stone, and I'm an agent provocateur".

Stone has access to at least two other Twitter accounts through which he has continued to press his case.

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