Bloodhound SSC Makes Its First Public Run Today

Posted October 27, 2017

"GB" class="local_link" >Rolls-Royce Ej200 jet fighter engine and a number of rockets, is created to cover a mile in just over 3.6 seconds. The Bloodhound team are utterly convinced they will succeed, and they can not be dismissed as a bunch of deluded cranks because they are the only people to have designed, built and driven a vehicle through the sound barrier, a record which has stood for 20 years.

While a large crowd is expected to witness the trial run live, those who can't be present can still watch the test via the stream below from Bloodhound's official YouTube channel.

Achieving that goal will require more space than is possible on a runway in the United Kingdom, but today's shakedown test saw RAF Wing Commander Andy Green-the current Land Speed Record holder-hit 210mph in just eight seconds.

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However, years of poor weather as well as debris kicked up by the Burning Man festival have left the Black Rock surface unsuitable. The ultimate goal of the Bloodhound is to travel at speed of over 1,000 miles per hour as well a breaking the current world record. The Bloodhound reached a speed of around 200mph on the 1.7-mile runway.

It also aims to inspire the next generation of engineers by visiting schools nationwide.

Today's test just used Bloodhound SSC's EJ200 jet engine. They intend to push automotive design to the limits of what our knowledge and materials can achieve - and if in the process they push the speed goalposts so far over the horizon that the Union Flag will fly forever over the record, then that's only right. "They say that speed records are like malaria - they only lie dormant between bouts", he said. It's all in preparation for the Bloodhound's eventual 1000-mph world-record attempt, which will take place on a dry lake bed in South Africa in 2020. Green should reach around 200 miles per hour (320 kph) at Newquay Airport, according to the BBC. "This is a proper fast vehicle".

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"The design and engineering team has done an incredible job with Bloodhound SSC".

It accelerated from 0-200mph in eight seconds during the first of two runs, hitting a peak speed of 210mph. They stepped in a year ago when the project had stalled for lack of cash, and more major sponsors would be welcome.

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