Nuclear War May Break Out Any Moment: North Korea Threatens US Again

Posted October 18, 2017

Tillerson averred that United States President Donald Trump has instructed him to try and reduce stress between the two nations through diplomatic efforts.

That seems to indicate that Trump is seriously considering military action against Kim Jong-un's regime.

"Conventional war with North Korea would be catastrophic both in lost lives and monetary cost...", Reed said.

Not for the first time in recent weeks, there's been another chilling warning from North Korea.

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The caution was contained in a copy of North Korean Deputy U.N. Ambassador Kim In Ryong's prepared remarks for a discussion on nuclear weapons by a U.N. General Assembly committee.

He stated that the United States deployed nuclear weapons in South Korea in 1957 and for the past 40 years conducted large-scale military exercises involving the use of strategic weapons.

If elements within the Trump administration are at odds, the messages coming out of Europe are also confusing.

He said: "North Korea is the most significant geopolitical risk to the global economy at this juncture".

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LUXEMBOURG-The European Union banned the sale of oil and oil products to North Korea on Monday, in a largely symbolic move aimed at encouraging countries that have more significant levels of trade with the country to follow suit.

"The president has also made clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically".

But Sullivan warned that the US and its allies must be prepared for the worst in case diplomacy failed.

The situation on the Korean peninsula has intensified in recent months, especially after Pyongyang held two ballistic missile tests in July, which both North Korea and the U.S. claim to be as an intercontinental.

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Such an action by North Korea would certainly bring the world to the brink of World War 3.