'Breaking Bad' house owners build fence to prevent trespassers

Posted October 13, 2017

The owners of the New Mexico house that appeared on "Breaking Bad" are sick of people tossing pizza on their roof. Because visitors are re-enacting a scene from the series in which Bryan Cranston's Walter, in a moment of madness, throws a pizza on his roof after his wife discovers he is dealing drugs and refuses to let him in.

A neighbour said: "All day, non-stop, there's people up and down this road".

"They feel the need to tell us to close our garage, get out of the picture, you know - tell us what to do on our own property", she lamented.

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According to the New York Post, the Quintana family has had enough of the constant pizza pie vandalism that they've put up an iron fence around the home. Some even steal rocks from the landscaping as souvenirs.

Joanna Quintana, the daughter of the homeowner, told KOB4 on Tuesday she lost count of the tourists that come to the house.

And Frank Sandoval, who runs the Breaking Bad RV Tours, says he completely understands. "They park in front of our driveway and block us in", one said.

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"They're throwing pizzas on roofs and stuff like that".

Incidentally, Weckiai Rannila, the renter of a University of New Mexico apartment that was the on-screen home of Breaking Bad Emmy victor Aaron Paul's Jessie Pinkman, tells the station she also has her share of sometimes "annoying" selfie-seeking fans.

"We don't want to gate ourselves in", homeowner Joanne Quintana told KOB4. "You're not the first".

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