Vladimir Putin: Donald Trump is 'not my bride'

Posted September 06, 2017

The order following Russian President Vladimir Putin's reduction of the number of USA diplomatic personnel in Russia by an estimated 755 people in response to new US sanctions levied against the country for its meddling in last year's presidential election.

Indeed, given the regime now had nuclear weapons, a confrontation could lead to a "global catastrophe and a huge number of casualties", Putin said, according to Interfax. There is no other way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue, save that of peaceful dialogue."He warned that if "they do not feel safe" in North Korea, they will not curb their weapons program".

In reactiion, a Senior State Department official said: "We hope that we can avoid further retaliatory actions with Russian Federation and move forward to achieve the stated goal of both of our presidents: improved relations between our two countries and increased cooperation on areas of mutual concern".

Nikki Haley told an emergency meeting of the Security Council in NY that the United States did not want a war but its patience was "not unlimited".

Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to comment on domestic American politics and to criticize his United States counterpart, taking a jab at Donald Trump by saying "He is not my bride, and I'm not his groom".

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However, since Trump's election, US has slapped further sanctions on Russia and the USA decision to close a Russian consulate has raised concerns that the two countries remain far apart.

The Russian leader continued: "We are statesmen, and each country has their interests".

However, Mr Putin hit out at "ridiculous" U.S. sanctions on Russian Federation, claiming they were being put "on the same board" as North Korea by the Americans. Over the weekend, he threatened to halt all trade with countries doing business with the North, a veiled warning to China, and faulted South Korea for its "talk of appeasement".

He also took the opportunity to lash out at the United States for closing Russian diplomatic compounds.

Putin will issue instructions to the Russian Foreign Ministry to file a lawsuit with a U.S. court over the seizure of the Russian diplomatic property in the United States. "This is a clear violation of Russia's property rights".

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Asked by a reporter if he was disappointed with President Trump, Mr Putin said: "Your question sounds very naive - he is not my bride and, likewise, I am not his groom".

US-Russian relations have also been badly strained by Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the subsequent separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine, developments which led Washington to impose economic sanctions on Russia.

"We've chosen to allow the Russian Government to maintain some of its annexes in an effort to arrest the downward spiral in our relationship", he said. There's nothing that can be done about this now, that's apparently the level of political culture of a certain part of the American establishment.

"But we won't do that yet", he said.

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