Police 'speechless' after killer nurse suspected of murdering at least 84 patients

Posted August 29, 2017

A nurse who was convicted of murdering two patients in northern Germany with overdoses of heart medication is believed to have killed at least another 84 people, according to police.

However, the police have said that 90 more such murders have come to the fore after forensics experts exhumed and analysed more than 130 bodies.

The murder spree began during his employment at a hospital in 2000, in Oldenburg, and continued at a hospital in Delmenhorst until he was caught in the act by a colleague on June 22, 2005.

"Eighty-four killings ... leave us speechless", Oldenburg Police Chief Johann Kuehme told reporters.

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Toxicological reports for 41 individuals have not been finished, which implies the quantity of casualties could rise, police said.

"The death toll is unique in the history of the German republic", chief police investigator Arne Schmidt said. The number of actual killings is likely higher because some possible victims were cremated, making it impossible to gather evidence, Kuehme added.

Allegedly, Högel injected an overdose of non-prescribed medicication into the patients' bodies, causing their hearts to stop, in order to try and resuscitate them and be praised for his so-called efforts.

Six employees of the Delmenhorst clinic were charged with manslaughter through failure to render assistance.

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Investigators said their probe into the events at Oldenburg clinic are still ongoing.

"The murders could have been prevented", Kuhme said. Then the patient survived after injection, and the nurse put on 7.5 years for attempted murder. "[There was] evidence for at least 90 murders, and at least as many [suspected] cases again that can no longer be proven". He said he felt euphoric when he managed to save a patient and felt devastated when he failed to do so.

The proceedings against Hogel were scheduled, either by the end of the year or early 2018.

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