Nursing home residents rescued from waist-deep flood water

Posted August 28, 2017

The photo of residents of La Vita Bella seemingly calmly sitting in wheelchairs and on sofas in water greater than waist-deep was widely circulated as viewers tried to determine its authenticity.

Residents of a nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, have been rescued after they waited patiently for help as floodwaters rose around them.

Timothy McIntosh, whose mother-in-law owns the nursing home, posted the photo and pleaded for emergency help.

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Many suspected the photo was fake, as outrageous pics that have either been altered or bear no relation to the current situation often make the rounds on social media during natural disasters.

The Daily News of Galvesaton County reported that it happened Sunday at the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson.

Ken Clark from the office of emergency services told ABC13 20-25 residents have been rescued from the nursing home.

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Kim McIntosh lives in Florida, however disclosed to CNN that her mom, who possesses the nursing home only southeast of Houston, took the photograph. McIntosh's wife told the newspaper they were hoping authorities would see it and come to get them. "They [were] waiting for helicopters or the National Guard".

"We're still counting", Popoff said.

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