Mario and Luigi are coming to Rocket League

Posted August 24, 2017

When Psyonix announced that Rocket League was coming to the Switch, Nintendo fans rejoiced, as the game is one of best multiplayer games on PC, Xbox One and PS4. A new trailer has been released to accompany the announcement showing the Battle-Cars in action; watch it below...

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Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch now has a holiday 2017 launch window, coming with local wireless multiplayer and cross-play capabilities between the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. The second exclusive Battle-Car is Samus' Gunship from Metroid.

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Based on your team's side you will be assigned either Mario NSR (for the orange team) or Luigi NSR (for the blue team). The Samus vehicle will also have different colors depending on which team you are on, styled after different Varia suits. The Orange team gets Mario, while Luigi is available for those on the Blue.

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Rocket League will be available on the Nintendo Switch later this year. Mario and Luigi Toppers can be used on non-licensed customizable Battle-Cars, while a Super Star Rocket Boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi cars. Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements.