Google debuts Allo for Chrome, pairs only with Android phones at launch

Posted August 16, 2017

One thing that made would-be Google Allo fans furious was the fact that the app was strictly limited to messaging. After successful pairing, the browser will load your Google Allo conversations. The iOS app now doesn't support the same functionality though Google promised that won't be the case for long.

Google Allo, that chat app from Google that nobody uses is getting a much needed and highly anticipated update.

When you head to Allo Web's page, you're greeted by the screen you can see above. It will then instruct you to scan the QR code from your Android smartphone. Now, you can finally access Google's new chat on the web through browsers.

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That's doubly true when you realize that your phone needs to be continuously paired with your computer in order to use the web app.

All you have to do is install the app, login with your phone number, and slide out the side menu to see the option. However, the web client works just fine with v15 too. But Allo comes with a whole list of stickers, smart replies as well as Google Assistant integration which differentiates it from Hangouts. It will be a few more weeks probably before iOS is supported.

Now here's the tricky part: because the web version merely mirrors the mobile version of Allo, if your phone's battery dies or if you quit the app, the web version will stop working.

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"The QR code is unique to your computer and pairs the mobile app to the computer". But it does a lot more than just allow you to send messages to other people. To keep your Allo for web connected, your mobile phone must be connected to the Internet. You can summon Assistant into conversations by clicking the button in the conversation bar and attach files, but there's no way to access the camera, so you won't be able to make selfie stickers.

Go to on the PC.

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