'Shep, It Appears To Be a Very Large Chicken'

Posted August 11, 2017

The prop soon went viral on social media.

Documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar tells USA Today that he installed a 30-foot ballon resembling a rooster with President Donald Trump's hair in Washington, D.C., to protest the current administration over its relationships with Russian Federation and North Korea.

Don Chicken has previously made appearances at a tax march in San Francisco, California and near Trump Tower in NY.

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Livestream images of the White House on Wednesday afternoon captured the chicken in the background, seemingly staring down the President's home.

Seven hours later, the area was still flooded with people taking photos and marveling at the golden-haired inflatable, but one notable Washington, D.C. resident missed out.

Although Trump is now on vacation at his New Jersey golf resort for 17 days, and will not be able to see the chicken staring him down in the Oval Office, Twitter mused about the crowds who flocked to take photos. "And then I realized it's actually better, because the [symbolism] works and the Secret Service won't be as jumpy".

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Tax March is a national movement led by everyday Americans.

The 30-feet tall bird, referred to as "Chicken Don", stands between the official residence of the United States president and the famous Washington Monument, the BBC reported. He is still in Bedminster, New Jersey for his working vacation, which is probably for the best.

According to The New York Times, a Seattle-based artist originally designed the chicken months earlier for a company that wanted a statue to commemorate the Year of the Rooster in China.

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Back in April the so-called "Trump chicken" became a mascot during the Tax March.