Google employees plan class action lawsuit over gender pay

Posted August 10, 2017

In a rebuttal to Google's move to fire Damore, Julian Assange has publically offered the Google engineer a job at Wikileaks stating that "Censorship is for losers" in his tweet and attaching a link to an extract from his book "When Google met Wikileaks".

A 28-year-old former Google engineer who was sacked over a memo he wrote about gender differences said Tuesday he's exploring all his legal options and has already filed a labor complaint over his treatment.

Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico, said Google had gone down in his estimation when it fired Mr Damore.

His 10-page memo, "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", argued that "personality differences" between men and women - like a woman having a lower tolerance for stress - help explain why there were fewer women in engineering and leadership roles at the company.

"I'm also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender roles", Damore wrote in his memo.

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Google has not confirmed who the employee is, but media reports name him as James Damore. Believes G acted illegally.

But Pichai stated in "Our Words Matter" - "First, let me say that we strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves, and much of what was in that memo is fair to debate, regardless of whether a vast majority of Googlers disagree with it".

Earlier, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had described the Damore's screed as violating Google's code of conduct and advancing harmful stereotypes about gender in the workplace.

Terming the situation a "very hard time", Pichai said suggestions that a group of people have traits that make them "less biologically suited" to work is "offensive and not OK".

That includes Google. While firing Damore shows that Google doesn't tolerate discriminatory behavior in the workplace, it doesn't help that their statements, in the wake of the DoL's investigation or a potential class action lawsuit or even with Baker's spreadsheet, seem to shut down the idea that Google is not flawless; the idea that "extreme" discrimination in pay could exist in the tech giant. Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick lost his job in June amid scandals over sexual harassment, discrimination and an aggressive culture. In her own memo, she rebuked the controversial post by the fired male employee, saying simply: "It advanced incorrect assumptions about gender".

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Of note, the memo comes as Google fends off a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Labor alleging the company systemically discriminates against women. Neither Damore nor Mountain View, California-based Google responded to a request for comment for this article.

In the wake of the firing of a male employee at Google sending out a sexist memo proclaiming women are biologically less than men, 60 female staffers at Google are suing for alleged sexism over the pay gap.

An anonymous software engineer circulated a ten-page memo on Google's mailing list on why he felt that the company had flawed gender policies.

A filing by Damore with the board Monday alleged he was subjected to "coercive statements" while at Google. He graduated from University of IL in 2010 as a James Scholar and was given the Bronze Tablet. A Harvard spokeswoman said Damore only completed a master's in systems biology, a field that uses quantitative methods to study biological systems such as cells and organisms.

Damore has allegedly since received death threats since been outed.

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