9/11 victim's remains have been found almost 16 years later

Posted August 09, 2017

Most of the new testing has pointed toward already-identified victims of the terror attacks.

The last positive ID came two years ago in March of 2015.

Advances in DNA testing have enabled medics to positively identify the remains of a victim of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, The New York Times reports. The name of the deceased male is being withheld at the request of his family, said the New York City chief medical examiner's office.

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The medical examiner's office in the city said advancements in DNA testing had allowed for a positive confirmation of the man's identity.

The process involves pulverising the fragments of remains to extract DNA, then comparing it to the collection of genetic material from victims or their relatives.

Forensic experts have said over the years that more identifications are expected as DNA technology evolves, although the pace has been slow.

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In 2013, authorities sifted through truckloads of debris unearthed by construction crews who were working on rebuilding the site.

During that time, DNA technology has advanced alongside the multi-million dollar effort to try and connect 21,900 found pieces of remains to the lives they represent.

No full bodies were discovered after the attack, according to The Journal. Conceivable stays of more than 20 casualties were recuperated.

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