Rohani Sworn In For Second Term

Posted August 04, 2017

Conscious of the task ahead, President Rouhani said "the time for unity and cooperation has begun" because the election has ended.

Main priority for the 12th government is to increase production and employment, Rouhani said in part of his speech in the ceremony in the presence of Imam Khamenei.

The ceremony is attended by heads of the three branches and the president-elect, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, members of the Guardian Council, judiciary officials, senior military and police commanders, political, social and cultural figures, families of martyrs and ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries. Khamenei has so far inaugurated four leaders in seven presidential terms.

Hailing the massive turnout on the election, Rahmani Fazli briefed the attendees on the process of elections and statistics achieved.

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He continued "the government is trying to preserve people's right and this is possible only via law-obeying culture in the counry".

Rouhani vowed to end poverty and create more jobs for the citizens.

"We will never accept isolation".

At the inauguration ceremony, Rouhani was quoted as saying that his second term in office - which he secured in May 19 polls - would be marked by "free access to information and free expression of opinion among all segments of society".

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"The meeting has twofold importance: first, it's the start of a new management term for Iran; secondly, it's a symbol of democracy".

"I comply with the choice of the Iranian people, approve the results of the vote and appoint Hassan Rouhani the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran", Khamenei's decree said, as read out by his Chief of Staff Mohammadi Golpayegani.

Iran is among ten leading economic partners of Uzbekistan.

"Today, Iranians have learned how to take measures concerning the enemy's plots and Iranian officials know how to deal with the enemy".

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