NASA Jets Plans To Chase Solar Eclipse When Flies Across The US

Posted August 02, 2017

This will be the first total solar eclipse - when the moon completely blocks the sun's light - over the United States since 1979, and the first coast-to-coast eclipse since June 1918, when the outcome of World War I was still in doubt.

Looking ahead, another total solar eclipse will be along in 2024, but the path of totality is well west of the Appalachian Mountains.

But, the time is now to start planning where you will go to see the TOTAL solar eclipse. There, they will assist some 700 students from the town's schools with eclipse-related activities. But it is risky to look directly at the sun - especially during eclipse events, when, as Jones explained, "the reduced intensity decreases your natural tendency to blink or look away".

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For the residents of Washington, this event will be a partial eclipse, as 81% of the sun will be obscured by the shadow of the moon, confirmed the U.S. Naval Observatory. Four planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) will be visible to the naked eye, as well as several bright stars. I had a small telescope with me and I even managed to get some photographs of the eclipse. Naturally, though, there are already sketchy retailers out there peddling counterfit eclipse-watching gear, that might not appropriately protect your vision.

Cameras will also need filters, Porter said. "And what better place to see the eclipse?"

Total solar eclipses occur somewhere on Earth roughly every 18 months. "Unless you have a telephoto lens for your smartphone, you will only be able to take unmagnified images of the eclipse in your sky", Nasa said.

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NASA warned recently that some glasses being distributed may not be safe. They will partner with the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community's Science Outreach Scholars, led by Allie Keller, coordinator of the Learning Community. And then in the late 1990s I chose to set up a website and I was struggling for a name for the website and my wife suggested Mr. Eclipse.

The umbra (dark inner shadow) of the moon will be traveling from west to east from nearly 3,000 miles per hour (in western Oregon) to 1,500 miles per hour in SC. The maximum eclipse will occur at about 10:16 am Pacific Time (1:16 pm ET) in OR moving across the country and exiting out over SC into the Atlantic Ocean at about 2:48 pm ET.

"Most digital cameras with telephoto lenses of 100 mm or larger will show a disk for the eclipse that will show some detail".

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