Xbox One X Pre-Order Window "Won't Be Much Longer"

Posted July 25, 2017

The Xbox One X, now set to be the most powerful console available once released, is launching in November of this year at a whopping $499. He made that statement in a response to a question about the Xbox One X pre-orders on Twitter.

Now if you're looking to pick up a brand new system before next month, or maybe you're not a huge football fan, Microsoft has just launched a completely unrelated Xbox One bundle promotion.

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However, when quizzed about the Xbox One X getting a new UI, one that provides a speed boost of sorts, Ybarra said that the company is always working to improve it. The news on this comes in by Major Nelson himself, who posted a list of all things Xbox One X at Gamescom 2017 on It "won't be too much longer" until the pre-orders go live.

At the time of writing, the Xbox store isn't displaying any pricing, but be sure to check our product page here for more details as and when we pick them up. Microsoft is pitching the One X as a high performance console for those that want the latest 4K graphics.

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Despite featuring powerful hardware specifications, Microsoft claims the Xbox One X is its smallest console. If you purchase an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive, you're entitled to a bonus game of your choice. Now, with the Xbox One S launched, Microsoft circles back on a deal with EA Sports and Madden 18.

"#The Sims 4 " is coming to #Xbox One, following an nearly three year wait for console fans of the long-running game in the simulation genre. Pre-ordering the Xbox One X will be imperative to be one fo the first owners of the Xbox One X.

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