Destiny 2 Beta is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Posted July 19, 2017

As mentioned PS4 owners will be the first players to jump into the Destiny 2 Beta and assuming you've pre-order the game and got your beta code, you'll be able to start playing at 6PM UK time on July 18. Bungie is launching the beta of their new entry soon, hoping to show off the new features they've included.

Since this is an early build of the game, there are a few issues that have yet to be squashed before release.

You'll also have access to 20 weapons (including three Exotics: Sweet Business, Sunshot, and Risk Runner), and three armour sets for each class. For those of you who pre-ordered online through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or Blizzard Shop then you are already registered for the beta.

In preparation for the beta we definitely suggest spending a quick 10 minutes to watch this Destiny 2 Beta Beginners guide from Arekkz.

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If you haven't got a code, and didn't bother pre-ordering, you'll have to wait for the open beta, which kicks off on July 21.

Countdown - This new mode is Destiny 2's take on Search and Destroy. Try these updated subclasses if you loved them in the first game and plan to use them again for Destiny 2.

Arekkz top tip: Keep a close eye on how many revives you've got left in a Countdown game - once you're out, you're out until the end of the round, just like Trials of Osiris. Are you going to give the beta a chance?

The Farm, Destiny 2's new social space, will open up on the final 24 hours of the beta.

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Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress. More information is certainly about to come out of the game as players dive in.

A paid membership is not required for the campaign mission, Homecoming. There will also be a beta period for PC sometime in August, though Bungie has not yet announced specific dates.

There will be multiple editions of Destiny 2, including a standard edition, an upgraded version with a season pass for future expansions, a digital deluxe edition with a season pass and bonus in-game content, and both limited and special editions for collectors.

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