Street Fighter V adds Abigail from Final Fight on July 25

Posted July 17, 2017

Abigail, the daringly dressed penultimate foe from Final Fight, is the latest brawler to be added to Street Fighter V's rapidly inflating roster - and he's beefed up a bit since his Super Nintendo days. If you missed his official reveal trailer, you can find it here. Opponents will get a tough fight, as Abigail can squeeze the life bar of her opponent drastically with the grapple move, a punch combination and a move in which the opponent is nothing but a punching bag for Abigail, notes While Hugo was without an iota of doubt massive, Abigail seems to be the biggest character to make an appearance in "Street Fighter" to date. Well, he's huge, with ridiculously oversized proportions that has left some fans wondering how basic moves such as throws from smaller characters such as Cammy and R. Mika will look on-screen. Players will also notice some tires strapped to his belt with chains, notes Event Hubs.

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That said, though, with two more brand new characters left to be announced for Street Fighter 5's Season 2, Q could very well follow the inclusion of Abigail. The pass is available for $29.99 and brings five other fighters and a bunch of battle costumes, too. This is actually inspired by the stage in which Abigail originally appeared in Final Fight. The costumes will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam starting July 25 and will cost $3.99 each.

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