John Podesta responds to Donald Trump's Twitter attacks: "Get a grip man"

Posted July 08, 2017

In his tweets Friday, Podesta also expressed exasperation over being the president's focus just hours before Trump was scheduled to hold a high-stakes meeting with the Russian leader.

President Trump took to Twitter Friday to discuss his meetings at the G20 summit in Germany and said everyone there was talking about how Democrats handled the hackings that took place during last year's election season.

The president is referencing the Democratic National Committee's refusal to give its server to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after it suffered a cyberattack that ultimately resulted in tens of thousands of DNC emails being leaked to and published by WikiLeaks. "But because he is the president, his words warrant a response", he added.

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The Democratic National Committee, which was leery of the F.B.I. because of its inquiry into Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server, did deny investigators access to their servers.

- John Podesta (@johnpodesta) July 7, 20175/ BTW, I had nothing to do with the DNC.

Puzzled advisers nodded politely or ignored him as the president went down the rabbit hole of a controversy - his campaign's potential involvement in or knowledge of Russian government hacking of email accounts owned by Podesta and the DNC - that has dogged the new administration since day one.

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Podesta began his series of seven tweets by saying that he is now on a cross-country road trip with his wife and discovered the president's tweet about him during a pit stop in East Fairmont, West Virginia. Second, the CIA has no role in domestic intelligence-gathering - in fact, it's prohibited. "The CIA would never ask anyone at the DNC for a server".

Trump used his most direct rhetoric yet toward Moscow, urging the Kremlin to "cease its destabilizing activities".

The start of John Podesta's tweetstorm after Trump said Podesta was the talk of the town at the G20 summit. It has been reported that Trump asked Putin about the election hacking, giving Putin the chance to issue an obligatory denial, despite all the evidence gathered by the USA intelligence community. He tweeted: "Dude, get your head in the game". He fired back in kind on Twitter, calling Trump "our whack job POTUS" and telling him to "get a grip man". "You're representing the United States at the G20".

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