Getting to Work on Health Care

Posted July 07, 2017

If you think about it, pretty much every major lie that President Donald Trump and Republicans are telling right now to get their repeal-and-replace bill passed is created to cover it up.

Senate Democrats, most Republicans and all women were denied admission. Should they lose coverage?

Most folks can't read the new health bill because it's written by lawyers and since only the well-educated can understand what it says, we'll have to trust what others are telling us.

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And when Americans make it to 65 and are covered by Medicare, their life expectancy is roughly the same as for Europeans who have had universal health care all their life.

Given that the state would be hard-pressed to make up that gap, it likely means that most of the 3.8 million Californians who were able to obtain health coverage under the Affordable Care Act would be back in the ranks of the uninsured. Kudos to those few who helped to prevent a complete disaster for the average American! It was to replace and please those who were unhappy with Obamacare with no input through hearings and consideration of the people who do benefit as it is.

A bill focused on buttressing the nation's insurance marketplaces will be needed if the full-fledged Republican effort to repeal much of President Barack Obama's health care law fails, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday. But that's the crux of the discussion on changing the current federal health care laws.

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Gerald Friedman, Professor of Economics at the University of MA at Amherst, estimates that a single payer health care system would save the United States $600 billion in its first year alone.

Meanwhile, demonstrators across the country are gathering at their local representatives' offices Thursday to voice their opposition against the GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act.

BCRA also fails to protect access to coverage for Iowa's seniors by allowing insurers to charge seniors five times more than younger people for health care coverage. M.B. Crenshaw's letter made me ask, "How do the Republican Houses and the White House, measure on the patriotic scale, determined as they are, to destroy the ACA (Obamacare) regardless of how many vulnerable citizens are affected?" "I'm determined to stop this bill, and stories of what's at stake for families in CT will help me make that case". Hospitals, especially smaller rural hospitals, would be hurt.

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Of course, single-payer health care in this state isn't going anywhere without the support of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Earlier, Hoeven held a roundtable on health care at Sanford Medical Center in Fargo that included leaders with different perspectives on the health care debate.