Beyond Good and Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay Video Released and Looking Great

Posted June 29, 2017

Rumors have been circulating about the game for the last decade, and we finally got a brief glimpse of it when creative director Michel Ancel took the stage.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was a very pleasant surprise at E3 this year, but all we really saw was a well designed trailer created to get fans excited that the game was actually coming. We didn't get much more than confirmation through a cinematic trailer, as well as the promise that it would be a large-scale game with spacecraft in an era before Jade had ever been born. It's impressive even if it is just a tech demo. Here, Michel Ancel shows us an in-engine demonstration while talking about what they hope to achieve in the game.

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You'll be able to fly smaller spaceships from within your "mothership", as seen in the video, and explore wherever you want to go with a special jetpack.

The latest video shows off some absolutely gorgeous landscapes and other tidbits that you'll see in the game. All joking aside, the engine looks to have some very good legs and this is coming to PC. Parking the monkey character from the trailer atop the large Ganehsa statue makes him appear tiny, but when Ancel zooms out, you see that statue is just a tiny bit of a city, that's a tiny bit of a continent and a planet. Now, Ubisoft is setting some more realistic expectations with an in-engine demo of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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Well, it appears Ubisoft has gotten the jump on that Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement, as the video is available NOW.

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