Pakistan, China, Afghanistan agree on seven points

Posted June 27, 2017

The president told visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Islamabad that the protection of Chinese citizens working in Pakistan was the "top priority" of the government, read a statement issued by the presidency.

Their ties have been poisoned in recent years by Afghan accusations that Pakistan is supporting Taliban insurgents fighting the US -backed Kabul in order to limit the influence of its old rival, India, in Afghanistan.

"We think that this is important step forward towards the improvement of their bilateral relationship and we also stated many times that maintenance of friendly relationships between two countries is conducive to regional stability and security and worldwide efforts against terrorism, we will continue our efforts in this regard", Geng said.

During the visit, the two countries agreed to establish the bilateral Crisis Management Mechanism, Geng said.

This would enable the two sides to maintain timely and effective communications in case of any emergencies, including terrorist attacks, with a view to seeking proper solution through dialogue and consultation and preventing deterioration of the situation which might have negative effect on the bilateral relationship. The Chinese side would support this mechanism.

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The three parties called on the Afghan Taliban to join the reconciliation process on an early date.

He appreciated China's constructive role in helping push forward his country's peace and reconciliation process and vowed continuous efforts in this regard in whatever circumstances.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China wants to work together with Pakistan and Afghanistan for maintaining peace and prosperity in the region.

Pakistan denies that and says it wants to see a peaceful, stable Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump's administration is also expected to increase pressure on Islamabad to prevent Taliban insurgents and their ally, the dreaded Haqqani network, from using Pakistani soil for deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

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Wang stressed that China never interferes in other's internal affairs, never imposes its will on others, nor does it get involved in geopolitical competitions, but China is willing to lend a hand when friends are in need, adding that he had candid and in-depth talks with Afghan and Pakistani leaders and they reached broad consensus.

Earlier, Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria during his weekly briefing on Thursday said that the Chinese foreign minister will discuss "all issues of mutual interest including the regional situation".

He also added that the U.S. is eager to deepen its strategic partnership with India, however it is also interested in continuing its coopertation with Pakistan.

China has lately got increasingly involved in Afghanistan.

From President Xi Jinping to the intelligence chief in Beijing, all are closely monitoring the move of New Delhi on the China-Pakistan front.

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Rabbani thanked China for its important role in peace, stability and economic development of Afghanistan.