YouTube sees 1.5 bln logged in viewers per month

Posted June 24, 2017

The YouTube mobile player, meanwhile, is being made to adapt to the screen it's being viewed on, including whether it's being watched vertically or in a square or horizontal format.

In addition, YouTube is introducing a new VR-ready video format they hope to bring to the masses. This VR180 is less complicated than 360-degree videos so it will be easier to capture and make in the near future. While it will not be as powerful as the 360-degree video, it will definitely be better than normal videos. According to Google, "VR180 videos focus on what's in front of you" in high resolution. VR180 videos will also be viewable on the PlayStation VR YouTube app and will also support live streaming. The new cities include Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Besides, Google is also launching a certification program for other third-party manufacturers who would like to partner with Google for VR180. VR180 videos will simply presented as flat and stretched a bit so users won't have to actually move around to see the whole video.

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Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube in a blog post said, "I also spoke about how we want to make VR more accessible and more affordable for viewers and creators". The new format is aimed at making it easier and cheaper for YouTube creators to shoot VR video. These cameras will come with two lenses, and will be about the size of a regular point-and-shoot camera.

The first batch of the VR180 cameras is expected to arrive this winter, but there's no word on the pricing.

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While YouTube video-graphers will be able to shoot a film like they would with any other camera, they will soon be able to edit the videos with Adobe Premier Pro and other standard software. From vlogs, to makeup tutorials to music videos - your videos will work great in VR. The platform will consist of several compatible cameras, some of which are being developed with the help of the Google Daydream team. Z CAM's upcoming 3D180 camera (pictured below) will be VR180 certified. Eligible creators can also apply to rent a VR180-enabled camera from one of its YouTube Spaces.

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