Sigourney Weaver Battles Aliens In New Neill Blomkamp Trailer 'Oats: Volume 1'

Posted June 03, 2017

A release date for Blomkamp's new short film has not been announced. Enter: Oats Studios, Blomkamp's indie production company that aims to churn out some unique properties delivered to you, the viewing audience, in a most modern way. That changed today, when Blomkamp dropped a teaser trailer for Oat Studios Volume 1, a new series of short sci-fi films. The trailer is loaded with tense atmosphere, freaky lizard aliens and, surprisingly, Dakota Fanning with a massive assault rifle.

The only word on a release is that these are "coming soon". And after reports that Blomkamp's Alien sequel was going to be scrapped, many wondered whether the once-visionary director could salvage his career.

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"The new world altered everyone", a voice says. If the following preview is any indication, the return to the short film format may have reinvigorated his imagination, after two films in a row that seemed to have difficulties stretching their high-concept sci-fi ideas into feature-length narratives.

But before all that, in 2007, Blomkamp steered an official, seven-minute short set in the universe of blockbuster action game Halo, as human soldiers and monstrous brutes tussled over a piece of high-value equipment. The female narrator hints that the invaders came to exterminate humanity, and that the only choice is to adapt or die.

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The Oats Studios shorts will be sold through the gaming streaming site Steam, though the director tweeted that there is scope for Volume 1 to be uploaded free-of-charge to YouTube. Just how much more you want will determine what Oats Studios will offer in the future. Alongside the question, the director posted never before seen photos from a mystery project that turned out to be Oats Studio.

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