Census: Texas has 4 of top 5 fastest growing large US cities

Posted May 26, 2017

Toledo is continuing its trend of losing residents.

The increase raised Los Angeles' population at the beginning of this fiscal year to almost 3.98 million, maintaining its rank as the nation's second- most-populous city behind NY, which has 8.5 million residents.

The largest numeric increase of any city was Phoenix, Arizona, which added 32,113, about 88 people a day on average, between 2015 and 2016.

The growth in 2016 also propelled Sioux City back above its 2010 census population of 82,684.

"We are doing everything we can do to curb the loss of population", she said. "We just need to make sure that everybody that comes here has affordable housing and a quality place to live".

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The Census Bureau conducts extensive population surveys nationwide each decade, which the government uses to determine, among other things, how to allocate federal aid.

The latest numbers, released today, are for the city of Denver only, not the surrounding metro area. "The decennial census will be more accurate and it will be doing actual counting", she said.

Loury has been analyzing more detailed census data from 2006-10 and 2011-15 that contains geographic and demographic breakdowns of the region's population movement.

Cumberland, Waldo and York counties had the largest increases, with nearly.6 percent for each.

Buckeye's estimated population in 2016 was 64,629. Now that the economy is improving, he said, it could turn out that young people were choosing city dwellings over larger suburban houses out of necessity rather than preference, he said.

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"It looks like we are on track to hit that within the next decade", Thompson said.

"I'm somewhat optimistic for the future, but it's going to take time", Jones said.

The growth will have significant implications for the prison move and other development in northern Utah County, which is one of the fastest-growing areas of the state.

The U.S. population as a whole grew from 320,896,618 to 323,127,513 in July 2016, according to the data. And Metolius, up 14 residents to 755 last July, has 14 more people in the Census Bureau count than the PSU estimate. Pittsburgh, the region's largest municipality, lost 239 residents previous year, dropping to a population of 303,625, according to census estimates.

The city led all American cities in population lost, an expected title after the U.S. Census Bureau released data earlier this year that Cook County as a whole lost an estimated 21,000 people last year.

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However, large cities in the South and West dominated the list of the 15 fastest-growing cities between 2015 and 2016.