Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney holds briefing

Posted May 24, 2017

"This budget puts the administration's priorities on display".

A large portion of those savings will go towards reauthorizing the controversial Choice Card program, established in 2014 to allow veterans to seek medical care outside VA if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

The proposal does not include any changes to Social Security or Medicare spending.

The formal unveiling of the White House budget is a time-honored Washington ritual usually composed of a Rose Garden ceremony and a presidential tour around the country.

MARTIN: How does this spending plan measure up to the draft budget plan that we saw earlier this year? Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the minority leader. That is nearly 10 per cent higher than current budget caps but only 3 per cent more than former President Barack Obama had sought in his long-term budget plan.

Congress' key constitutional role is its power of the purse.

Military aid to Israel and Egypt, two close U.S. allies in the Middle East and the biggest recipients of United States military assistance, will remain unchanged, Mulvaney said.

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There will be $193 million slashed from SNAP, a document circulated on Capitol Hill from the White House said.

Manchin is a member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee.

This year, the GOP will use the budget process to smooth passage of one if its top policy goals - restructuring the tax code. A majority of Republicans agreed.

Trump's budget is a proposal and is not likely to pass Congress as written.

Trump's budget would cut US funding for global health programs including efforts focusing on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria by about one quarter, to about $6.5 billion for 2018. "And so when you're trying to reach balance by relying on such a tiny sliver of the budget, it's very hard to make those numbers add up".

But not all House Republicans heeded that call. The Congressional Budget Office projects 1.9% growth. Ernst, like Grassley, said it was time to tackle spending, but she added, "I have serious concerns regarding the proposed cuts to programs that our rural communities count on".

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican chairman of the Senate subcommittee responsible for diplomacy and foreign aid spending, said Trump's proposal to cut the diplomacy and aid budget by one third would "gut soft power". "They are really deep, deep cuts".

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Trump's budget summary includes a $610 billion Medicaid reduction over a decade, but as CNN pointed out, it's unclear how that ties into the budget's assumption that the American Health Care Act becomes law, carrying with it an $800 billion cut to Medicaid, a program that provides health coverage for low-income Americans.

But that proposal is the subject of intense negotiations in the Senate, where some nervous Republicans are unwilling to accept that 10 million people could lose coverage under that budget.

"For years and years, we simply looked at a budget in terms of the folks who were on the back end of the program - the recipients of the taxpayer money - and we haven't spent almost enough time focusing our attention on the people who pay the taxes", the budget director said.

The budget does feature a handful of domestic initiatives, including a six-week paid parental leave program championed by Trump's daughter, Ivanka. "Come on. That doesn't add up". "I'm sure all of us would be. I think that is ill-advised personally", Cole told reporters. Republicans did the same to Democrats throughout the Obama years, repeatedly forcing Democrats - especially moderates - to embrace parts of Obama's budget Republicans considered out of step with their voters.

President Donald Trump has sent Congress a $4.1 trillion spending plan that proposes to eliminate the deficit in a decade while protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Rogers said without addressing those programs, OMB "pretty well boxed themselves in on what to cut".

The Trump administration has been dogged by controversy for the past few weeks, but now, even as the president is traveling overseas, his administration is proceeding with the business of government. Instead, they will emphasize areas where they split with the President, such as protecting programs that boost cancer research.

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