Specialized Offers a Touching Mother's Day Tribute to Cycling Moms

Posted May 15, 2017

However, not many people know how the tradition of Mother's day began.

The first modern Mother's Day observances were organized in Grafton, West Virginia, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by social activist Anna Jarvis on May 10, 1908, although a previous commemoration had been held in Henderson, Kentucky in April 1887 by Mary Towles Sasseen.

Like the shepherd's call to her sheep, who recognize her voice from all others, my mother's voice carried over distance, like a clarion call.

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It would have definitely not been just sugar, spice and everything nice. If you have a phone, or she does, take a selfie with the two of you so she can show it off to her friends. Even though I don't always agree with you, I know you are giving me the type of guidance that will build good character and values. She was not overtly religious and didn't attend church, but I thought I would give it a shot. She has great influence over them, which is why mothers need to exercise wisdom and righteousness throughout the days of her life-a task that can be quite daunting.

Being a mother is the toughest job in the world and you performed this job with all perfection and affection, thanks for shaping up my life mommy. Mothers are undoubtedly one of the best creations of God. What incredible strength mothers have, what profound love, what deep mercy and compassion. So get the mother in your life a little piece of jewelry. It seems to me that being a mother is something you are even after you take your last breath. This mother likes snakes, spiders, frogs, all kinds of creepy crawly insects, ice cream for supper, unmade beds, rooms in disarray, and she could care less if you stay out all night!

It could help to remember that no matter your mothering situation, Mother's Day in its original creation was actually an effort for world peace. IBTimes Singapore has brought you the names of 10 most influential celebrity mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day. "I love her dearly". She and her mother had argued, and her mother died before they could reconcile. We shared many remarkable memories throughout the years.

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I am no exception; my Mother sacrificed everything to ensure that her children were afforded opportunities she didn't have. Have you bought your mom a gift yet?

"I would get us together as a planet, really thinking about the future of our kids", she said.

-To help me find scotch tape, scissors and stuff like that. She's great. She loves our five children and three grandchildren. They somehow have an unlimited amount of love and compassion in them, not just for their children but for the other children that cross their paths.

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