Russia to supply power to rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine

Posted April 26, 2017

An American monitor with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe died after a mission patrol vehicle hit a landmine in the Russian-backed separatist east, eliciting sharp words towards Moscow from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday.

Kurz, who holds the OSCE's Chairperson-in-Office for 2017, said another monitor was injured in the tragedy, which occurred in a patrolling mission.

Fighting between the rebels and the Ukrainian government has killed 9,900 people since 2014.

The Luhansk Information Center reported that the power supply was cut at 11:40 p.m. Monday but said it was restored, thanks to local sources of power in the separatist areas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a similar call.

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It called on Russian Federation to use its influence with the separatists to allow the OSCE to conduct a "full, transparent, and timely investigation".

The step taken by Kiev takes us away, rather than approaching, from the compliance with what was stipulated in the settlement reached in the Belarusian capital in order to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Ukrainian southeast, he commented. "All sides are responsible for the safety and security of the OSCE monitors".

A MEMBER of the European security watchdog OSCE was killed and two injured yesterday when their auto hit a mine in Ukraine's breakaway east.

The death of the American, a paramedic, was the OSCE mission's first fatality in the three years since it began monitoring the conflict that has killed around 10,000 people in the contested Donbas region, the BBC reports.

A statement issued by the Lugansk separatists on their news site said the OSCE team had veered off the main road and was travelling along an unsafe route. The OSCE vehicle allegedly deviated from the main route into an unchecked side road, the Luhansk rebel government's press service said in a statement, adding that such a maneuver is prohibited by the mission's guidelines.

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The OSCE has 600 members in eastern Ukraine, the only independent monitoring mission in the destroyed industrial war zone.

The separatists' claim could not be confirmed.

The OSCE started a special monitoring mission in Ukraine in 2014 when the president was ousted from office and Russian Federation took control of the Crimean Peninsula.

Western nations punished Russian Federation by enforcing crippling economic sanctions.

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